AdhiJ is a simple, light-weight Application Framework written in Java.  AdhiJ is very easy to use and can be used for building any business component of an application.  It provides the basic plumbing features, so the application developers don’t have to worry about the low level calls.  It supports Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).  The picture below gives the class diagram of AdhiJ framework classes.





It can be used in conjunction with Struts framework to build J2EE Applications.  (check out this article: Struts Implementation for more information).  The javadocs for AdhiJ framework provides more detail each of the framework The Service class is the entry class (the Facade Pattern) to a
sub-system within an application.  It also provides the support for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).  The Business Object contains all the business rules of an application.  The Data Access Object is used for executing database queries.  The Value Object is a representation of the Value Object Pattern; it contains all the attributes of a business object.  Value object is the one which is sent across to other sub systems / systems / tiers.


download AdhiJ Framework, please click here